Established in the heart of Malaysia. Techmark (M) is now an independent entity which focuses and specialized mainly on laser marking, engraving, cutting, printing solution, traceability, robotics, automation and engineering works. With a strong and huge customer database our company manage to operate in house brand independently and grow in a rapid pace in order to achieve being a world renowned brand and solution provider.

Company milestone

Vision and Mission

vThe company aims to be one of the world leading brand by 2040.

vIncrease customer database exponentially

vDiversification and constant technology advancement

vImprove and maintaining company principle and values

TECHMARK Objectives

TO provide one stop solution specializing in Laser marker machine, customized machine, laser cutting, laser engraving, laser, coding, inkjet printing system, OEM, robotics automation, and engineering. Techmark PLT aim is to enrich industrial coding, traceability and customized system. The company emphasize on a stress free environment by providing a cost efficient and easy operating solution.